Lee Edwards

Multimedia Journalist

Chicago, IL

Lee Edwards

I am an independent multi-media journalist that has covered a wide array of stories spanning across five counties in northeast Illinois.


The 88th Annual Bud Billiken Parade Celebrates Generations

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Black Pride and Prejudice

The founders of Black Pride and Chicago Black Pride have spent decades forging a unique space for the Black queer community, which recently has come under greater scrutiny than ever before. The Black Pride Movement originated in large part in the early 1990’s in Washington, D.C., as an outlet for the Black LGBT community to socialize amongst one another in a space that celebrated being both Black and queer, according to accounts maintained by The Center for Black Equality.
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The Battle For Affordable Housing in Jefferson Park

In typical Chicago style, division is brewing on the Northwest side of town—and it’s over affordable housing. Add a few sprinkles of race and class and you’ve got a full-blown fight indicative to what many communities around the city have endured or will endure in the future. A proposal for a 100-unit mixed-income, affordable housing development has been met with mixed emotions.
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Education Podcast

The hour-long conversation came on the heels of two significant events in public education at both the city and state level. During the week of May 15, Chicago Public Schools announced the launch of GoCPS, a single application initiative, that was developed to provide rising 8th grade students and their families a less convoluted means to apply for the high school of their choice than the current system.
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Kids First Chicago and BUILD Host On The Table on Education

(l-r) Jade Jenkins, Kids First Chicago; Kate Warach, Thrive; Daniel Anello, New Schools for Chicago; and Dr. Janice Jackson, Chicago Public Schools all participated in an On the Table discussion. Listen to the Chicago Defender’s engaging education podcast! Chicago Public Schools’ latest school choice initiative, GoCPS, was the topic of conversation for an On the Table discussion hosted by Kids First Chicago and BUILD Chicago held at BUILD’s office, 5100 W.
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LiteHouse Whole Food Grill Upgrades to New Location

Community staple restaurant LiteHouse Whole Food Grill is relocating to a new, grander space in the Hyde Park neighborhood after four years of changing lives. LiteHouse owner Rico Nance recalled the idea for the restaurant was not his own but rather a message from the Divine. He said while visiting Z-Berry, a frozen yogurt storefront in Hyde Park with his wife on 53rd St., he heard a voice instructing him to look across the street to a rental space he would lease and name the “LiteHouse.”.
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Chicago Drummer Shares Lifelong Wisdom

Professional drummer and Chicago native Darryl Howell is sharing his passion and experience with the next generation of Chicago musicians. Howell has toured with the likes of hip-hop star Nicki Minaj and R&B crooners Avant and Maxwell. The drummer’s musical journey began at two-years-old, the age when his mother told him he first began playing with her dangling earrings as if they were cymbals.
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Who cares about them?

They’ve been missing for years. Some for decades. Relatives and friends don’t know whether they’re dead or alive. The National Institute of Justice’s National Missing and Unidentified Persons System (NamUS) may hold the key to reporting and ultimately finding more missing African Americans. Already, African Americans are disproportionately reported missing on a national level.
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Community Calls For Agreement on Obama Library

A CBA is a legally binding contract between community- based organizations and prospective developers that call for the developers to adhere to outlined objectives. The primary tenets of the CBA suggested at the summit were: economic development, employment, housing, sustainability, and transportation.
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Black State Legislators Talk Criminal Justice Reform

The ILBCF is a non-partisan organization whose directive is to provide public policy development, educational research and analysis on a wide array of social and economic issues relevant to the state’s African-American communities. ILBCF Executive Director Larry Luster said the purpose of the symposium was to receive community feedback about the report and other issues.
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Broadway hit offers CPS students Unique Stage

Record-breaking Broadway musical “Hamilton” is taking over Chicago Public Schools (CPS) one performance at a time. As part of the newly expanded “Hamilton” Education Program, the first of 10 all CPS student matinee performances of “Hamilton” took place at The PrivateBank Theatre in Chicago’s downtown on February 22.
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Andrew Holmes wins FBI award for fighting against violent crime

Chicago anti-violence advocate Andrew Holmes is the recipient of the FBI’s 2016 Director’s Community Leadership Award (DCLA), in recognition of his tireless efforts to combat violent crime throughout the Chicagoland area. The Director’s Community Leadership Award provides the bureau a platform to recognize community members and organizations for their contributions in the fields of education and the prevention of crime and violence in their communities.
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Lee Edwards

Journalism is my vehicle to tell stories, capture timeless moments, and report the facts. I love the challenge of finding stories wherever they are and sharing them in a clear and vibrant fashion. I believe news, no matter the medium, can shape our planet one story at a time.



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